Again today, feeling confused about being in windy conditions and looking up at cloudy skies with blue patches that remind me of the end of July in Canada. The air is warm with undertones of cool, whispering of rain; so reminiscent of summers at my parents run down cottage on Constance Bay, forty years ago. I get a sense there is something for me to learn or I wouldn’t be stuck on something so small as “same weather, different place”. Something about seeing my life, relationships and life’s work as one, a continuum, as opposed to two different lives on two different continents with two networks of people.

When I speak with like-minded folks I have connected to in Canada and here, we continue our conversations as if a month or two hadn’t gone by. Because there is a hiatus, ideas mature between conversations and make these richer and more potent somehow. There is something about not wasting time, getting to the heart and soul of the matter that creates bigger conversations, and multiplies possibilities. There are also a few divides that have grown.

I have started drawing models for my book on transformation, while continuing to read, rest and renew. When I say I am lazy, my friends laugh, but I am keeping to one activity a day and the 3 Rs. Yesterday, I focused on one business activity and watched the World Cup Final. Maybe that wasn’t an R, as the match was choppy and almost painful to witness. Today, I have completed one coaching activity and this blog. Yoga class tonight will be an R, if Judy doesn’t have us do too many Sun Salutations. 🙂