Ayurveda Retreat at Wadduwa


One week of complete relaxation. No room for restlessness. Oil massages every day, mud masks, steam baths in ancient wooden cocoons, herb drinks, tasty vegetarian fare, even a flower bath with lotus. Everyday, the warm pool and the sound of the ocean waves (too strong for swimming).

Mid-week a cleansing. Not the most pleasant experience when everything you are used to metabolizing discretly is expelled from your body without ceremony. Your meals are brought to you that day, so you don’t disgrace yourself publicly…

After the cleansing, “Shirodara”, where warm oil is poured over and over on your forehead. The opposite of the famous water drop torture. You walk around for two days, oily hair in an oily scarf, wearing a hospital green gown in XXL that wraps around your body twice to hold in the heat. It feels wonderful when you can wash from head to toe and wear normal clothing again.

You emerge a few kilos lighter (yes!)with a corresponding lightness of being. Thoughts are clear and unhurried. New vistas open up. Highly recommended.