It’s Called Bifurcation


Bifurcation: Lay person’s explanation
When a cell or organism becomes static, it eventually has to choose between dying and growing. In either scenario, it must dissipate or collapse into chaos for an inherent, more complex order to rise, bringing with it the potential for new life.

Had a challenging moment late last week where I experienced chaos in mind and body. It started with a headache of mammoth proportion, queasiness in the pit of my stomach, and a heart beat that would not slow down. Hard not to think of coronary problems when you reach your middle years. As I scanned my body for numbness or pain on the left side, I wondered where my cell phone was hiding with its built-in 911. I thought of calling Canada or the US via Skype. There are 5 doctors in my immediate family. These folks tend to stay calm in an emergency. But what if this so-called emergency is 15,000 Kms away and you only get a dim picture of the damsel in distress?

Two lines of thought were battling for air time. The first one advocated that I continue breathing deeply, look for the hide-and-seek cell phone and get a grip. The other more dramatic one, was already wondering who I would call to whisper my last words, and what they should say in my eulogy! Finally, I felt intense heat on my forehead and put my hand up to cool it. At the same time, a warm flow reached my chest and slowed my heart beat to pianissimo. What had that been about?!

Sitting up in my bed at 2:00 AM, a world away from my loved ones I gave myself a shaky ‘Congratulations’ for having believed I would be alright. Not sure when I fell asleep again, but as day was breaking I woke up with a start wondering if I had imagined the whole thing. My rational mind craved an explanation. I went about my day in a daze. Having always believed that there is more to everything than what we see through our limited senses, I was not expecting to be so discombobulated by something I could not explain.

Eventually, as my heart began another salsa, I sent a message to my friend and coach Gwen McCauley and also to a wonderful healer here in Colombo, Laurel Botsford. BTW, both have books on Amazon if you want to find out more about their approach. Gwen helped me complete the integration of this experience and make connections between where I am in my life’s work, and a well-known term in Quantum Sciences called Bifurcation*. Laurel referred to similar physical symptoms in herself and her clients during intense spiritual experiences and invited me to welcome rather than fear. Therefore, I choose to remember this as the night my head and heart did the bifurcation (smile).