Life on two continents


My short sabbatical has come to an abrupt halt! I now have a schedule that stretches over 18 hours and two continents! How did this happen?

Mornings start with messages to North America. I get this strange pleasure catching up on a whole day of activities on the other side and being able to respond at my leisure. There can be no impossible deadlines when you are 10. 5 hours ahead of your clients! Then it’s time for having breakfast on my terrace. I don’t think I will ever tire of tropical plants in the sunlight. There are lunches here, meetings related to Pluralism, my new passion, sometimes I get to the pool a few streets down. Then afternoon comes, and I am back at the computer finishing my work for Canadians.

I have never been an early bird, not even close! Getting up when it’s still dark and cold, and rushing to get to a session I facilitate – with my mop of hair still damp – has been the least favorite part of my day. Fortunately, it always went uphill from there. What a treat now to be able to pre-empt all those smug early birds who get up at 5:00, all bright eyed and bushy tail, and look at the rest of us frumpy, dozing humans with a superior air. Now I can send them e-mails at the crack of their dawn. Bliss! But then the e-mails require responses and I get into my evenings. The queries require information, and I get busy with research. The friends say hello, which requires a hello back. Then there are SKYPE conversations. Next thing I know it’s 1:00 AM my time, and my better half has long ago given up on me.

I take the plane at the end of this week for Ottawa, which explains some of the frenzy. I will be happy to see everyone I can get to see in a few short weeks. But then, do I continue waltzing over the oceans, back and forth. What about all those plans I had for my sabbatical… I always think deep thoughts while my neighbours snore on long flights. Something about being in the air and knowing your life is literally in suspension. Looking forward to some insights!