Pattern Interrupt


Usually, we stop just short of the point of no return. We take short holidays where we think about the rest of our lives, or not at all. Takes us a week to wind down. We start to breathe and wiggle our toes. Another few days, and it becomes uncomfortable. We look for distractions, stay in the sun too long, drink too much pina colada, hang out with people we would never talk to back home. For some of us, romance is the distraction of choice, for others shopping, yet others visit 20 churches, 20 museums, 20 cities, in 20 days. In the end, we go back to our old pattern and the window for a different way of being closes shut.

What if we chose to interrupt the pattern for good? What would emerge?

A coaching client was telling me of a different experience. How she deepened her transformation by spending 5 weeks doing very little, thinking very little. No renovation project, no visitors. Nothing! It reminded me of how fertile the fallow times are, how important the hiatus, the slowing down, the empty days, the absence of an imposed schedule for a natural rhythm to emerge. Externally, the changes in this client’s life didn’t happen right away. Four months after this gift to herself and her willingness to step into some deep conversations and courageous exploration, she is radically changing her life…. for the better.