Running out of time


Another pattern is emerging through many e-mail conversations. Not enough time to do what we want to do, or even to just be still while we expand our awareness.

I wanted to pass on this exercise I just did for myself to get at what I don’t have time for and why. Also wanted to explore, by using myself as a guinea pig, what any of this has to do with transformation!

So if you want to discover what is in the way of what you desire, take a computer or paper and:

List 1) What you make time for and 2) What you don’t make time for and wish you did.
A few examples from my life, I make time now for new ventures and for sculpting, but don’t make time for exercising or for nurturing some of my relationships.

Next, Take the toughest one on your ‘Wish I made time for this’ list, and really look at it. By tough I mean the one or two that made you go ‘ouch’ when you wrote the words down and acknowledged your neglect.

Let’s pretend that those are actually the keys to your transformation. You say you care about these endeavours or people, but your behaviours are not aligned with your words and you know it. We do make time for what we care most about. Or do we?

In my case, I had a chat with myself about what I really cared about yet don’t make time for, and realized that a number of things on my ‘Wish I did’ list were guilt items that derived from old beliefs and outmoded values. I also realized that what I paid attention to really blossomed and what I didn’t pay attention to was fading – obviously – like my waistline (smile).

What on your ‘Wish I did’ list is there because you think you should (guilt, obligation, old habits) and what is a real sore point to explore?
Next, for me came the acknowledgement that sore points were tied to a fear, fear of not succeeding, for of the consequences, fear of rejection etc. Fear by another name is fire, the very fuel of transformation. These endeavours or people are where I needed to go to alter past conditioning and experience another way of being. With this insight have come other insights about the way all the activities/people on the two lists are interconnected and weave a path forward. Still processing all this, so I will write more as it comes.

Thanks for your comments on the last blog. Look forward to hearing from you about your own experiments.