The Speed of Thought



Last night, I watched the film “What the Bleep Do We Know” — explaining Quantum Physics to the lay person in an entertaining way. Since this was my second viewing, I was determined to retain more of the information about thought patterns, and their impact on a person’s reality.

As a lover of literature, I have always paid attention to how words on a page can create a mood. As a facilitator and coach, I am aware of how expressed words or unexpressed thoughts create a person’s or group’s reality. Yet, there was something, just at the fringe of my awareness, nagging me about thought and creation.

The movie reminded me once again of the powerful impact our thoughts have our physiology and psychology. Fine, but that wasn’t quite enough. My brain went click when I heard one of the Quantum Scientists say that most of us are not able to create what we want because we lack focus. Our habituated patterns of thought keep us anchored in our past and make us unable to access the unlimited possibilities available to us at a Quantum level.

This was not new information to me, but somehow I had needed to hear it again.I had been wondering lately why it has been relatively easy for me to create some things and why other great intentions never quite materialized. I was also reflecting on a negative reality one of my coaching client was creating and recreating so relentlessly. The answer was focus!

For the next hour (or at least it seemed like an hour!) I focused on my thoughts…. and found it almost impossible to stay focused on one thought for any length of time. I have experienced meditation, and have been able to focus on ‘no thought’ for periods of time. But focusing on one thought and making it so prevalent that it obliterates anything else, making it so real that it could be coaxed into physical manifestation, that, I had never attempted. I slept badly after this experience, amazed at how easily I got distracted, and not amazed at all that I had gotten scattered results in some of my endeavours. I woke up at 4 AM to write and write and write about one thought! I will let you know if I created anything in a few days or weeks (smile).