The Very Thing I Don’t Want


In times of transformation, the very thing I don’t want, the biggest fear is exactly what I need to espouse to give me the life I want. If I fear failure, then I must come face to face with failure to realize that it has no bite and that beyond it lies my future.

A friend of mine what recounting a difficult experience where she could do no right in a project she was hired to research and write. She had gone in knowing that the skills required of her weren’t her forte, knowing the timelines were wrong, requirements impossible to meet. She courted failure, like many of us do, when our lives need to change and we are hanging on to the side of the cliff and won’t let go. So everything went according to plan. She failed, got criticized, worked and worked and worked for unsatisfactory results. She finally had to abandon the project and loose most of her consulting fee. When she spoke with me, she was still reeling from the experience. Looking through my lens rather than hers, I could not understand why she would put herself through such agony. It then became apparent to me that that was exactly what she needed to do to let go of this business and fly in another direction.

A lesson for me.