It’s been an intensive few months of work and travel, both for my consulting practice and for my sculpting. I was feeling the exhaustion this weekend.  Every sculpture seems to be in the final stages of hyperactivity. There are pedestals and plinths to figure out, stands to build, reinforcements to affix, and always the finishing touches.

I wasn’t looking forward to driving to the studio on this long Labour Day weekend to inhale the dust of various materials, while making my way through the tsunami created by Rose and I getting ready for shows in Ottawa and Montreal. What finally drew me was anticipation – removing Eve from her mould.

The princess was finally going to be reborn, in fibreglass. Would she be easily released from her tight rubber mould? With my glasses firmly on, I managed to pull her out, inch by inch. The most difficult to release were her fingers which were gripping the apple tightly.

The rubber had dripped and created a casing where there should not have been.


Once out, she looked splendid! All smooth and regal. Ready for the patina. It’s time now to choose the colour and texture. Do I want her to look like marble, like ivory, like metal, or like wood? Tough choices!medusa_sculptures_eve_fiberglass

Give me your preference, if you are inspired. It will be my job this month.


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