Believe in yourself, believe in your Art! Showcase what you create! You are the Artist you have been waiting for!

These words from a dear friend who passed away recently resonated with me these past weeks as I get ready for upcoming exhibitions.

Fall is a big season for Art. Artists from the visual arts, film, and performing arts are busy presenting their masterpieces to the world. It’s both intimidating and exciting to get ready to stand by your creations and face public scrutiny. Your work can be received extremely well by friends and colleagues, ignored or worse, torn apart by the critics who yield their influence with relish. How do you keep your confidence and enthusiasm intact through this agitation?

In my other work, I keep very steady in the face of other people’s opinions. Whether they like my work or not, does not rock my world. I have a solid reputation, numerous clients, and feel secure. I can take criticism for what it is: someone’s perception. A client doesn’t want what I have to offer? Deep inside I think: their loss!  It therefore came as a surprise these last few years to realize that this bold attitude does not transfer to the Artist who feels vulnerable about what comes out of her soul and is shaped by her hands.

There are volumes written about this state of mind in the Art world. Popular culture has often showcased the roller-coaster of the Artist’s life. As I celebrate my 5th year of coming out as an Artist, I find that I am starting to take on some prima donna traits. The thick skin of the consultant is becoming paper thin. The level-headedness is gone. I can feel mood swings coming on! I had no idea I would be transformed into the temperamental creatures I used to find so odd and amusing from afar. What a humbling discovery!

So, I find myself repeating my friend’s words like a mantra as I get ready to exhibit my latest sculptures next month. She would no doubt also tell me that life is too short to be timid. Now is the time to grab the world by the horns!

Come join me for the unveiling of my recent works at the Dimensions Fall 2016 – The National Capital Network of Sculptors Exhibition from October 20 – 23rd.



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