I stopped procrastinating and went to the studio to remove the clay and rotten apple (squishy and smelly!) from the rubber mould of Eve.  I washed the whole thing and then set it back inside its mother mould. I used a Level to ensure the surface was flat and then proceeded to mix a new product Rose had bought in Toronto called Aqua-Resin, that would be poured into the mould.  I was scratching my head while reading the instructions over and over. Love new materials that are lighter and lighter, but what if I messed it up?

So, I mixed a few ounces of milky liquid with three times that volume in white powder and watched ugly lumps form. Now what? I decided what worked in baking could also work in mould-making, and used an electric whisk to remove the lumps and create a smooth cream, but wait, it’s thickening fast! Yikes. I quickly poured one coat in the rubber, and let it dry for 40 minutes. Then a second coat, and let it dry.

The next day, I added a third coat with fibreglass strips to strengthen the sculpture. I think it will need at least 6 or 7 coats to create a good quarter inch thickness. I’ll show you the end result once I take it out of the mould in a few weeks.

Now I’m gearing up for some travel for my other job… stay tuned.

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