As an Artist, it’s important to show our work. Showing our creations connects us to others who will resonate with the ideas and feelings we shaped into solid matter.

I am showing Icarus Rising for the third time. I have grown particularly attached to this large bronze piece that took me 18 months to complete and depleted my savings account!

Icarus was not commissioned but born from a stunning photograph of a dancer flying in the air. As I started working on the clay what came to mind was the myth of Icarus, drunk on freedom after captivity in the Labyrinth, flying too close to the Sun. I imagined him ascending and transcending his human condition rather than falling to his death.  I have written about the creative process in previous blogs if you are curious Shaping IcarusIcarus’ Red Robe.

Last summer, when the violence against Black men was in plain view while I was spending time with family in the USA, I started to see Icarus Rising as a symbol of a proud man rising, despite every attempt to maim, kill, or debase. I picked him up at the foundry in the Fall and remembered my ancestors in Haiti who rose against their slave masters to become a free Nation in 1804. Many of the peoples of world have had to rise and take their freedom from the hands of those who benefited from their oppression.

As an Artist, I express my ideals and passions through my work. My form of advocacy and peaceful protest.

May Icarus Rising be a reminder to those who see it of the indomitable power of the human spirit.

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