Living Intensely!

I lead a pretty full life, but I must say the last month was the most intense I have experienced in a long while! Not only was I busy in my day job facilitating, coaching, consulting, travelling, but also I was just as busy on the art front. Be careful what you ask for! The Artist is smiling proudly, the entrepreneur and woman is almost out of breath. The BHM Art Show from February 6th to March 16th at the Fritzi Gallery was a success. Great exposure. The Rogers TV appearance on February 20th as Ginette Gratton’s guest was very enjoyable, with some guilt over the money spent on a new dress, necklace and shoes…. The article on yours truly in Ottawa Woman Magazine (Feb issue) was a nice surprise. It mentioned that I sculpt full time. Not quite true (smile). One of the proudest moments was getting a call from the Haitian Embassy to compliment me on my work and ask if I would participate in future projects with them and the Haitian diaspora. I feel blessed. My feet have not quite touched the ground. Thank you all for your gracious support through this eventful time!