Root Identity, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2011

Life-size heads and busts cast in white, grey and black cement, mounted on mahogany bases, also a series of cement masks and a bronze figurine.

Dominique has a predilection for figurative sculpture and has been exploring this
art form under my guidance since the summer of 2010. Having worked with a
large number of students over the years, I recognized at once the sculptor’s hands and character in the way Dominique took possession of the clay and started shaping it to reflect her thoughts and feelings,¬†without¬†referring to a model. She seems to find her inspiration in her Haitian roots and in her experiences exploring the world, including Sri Lanka.

Dr. Sarath Chandrajeewa
Ph.D.(State Arts institute, Moscow), Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Diploma in Bronze Casting (Royal College of Art. London)