Once my live model for Icarus was in the studio, it was time to take a critical look at what I had assembled on the armature from my imagination. As I compared the two figures, it became obvious to me that a body builder has a lot more hills and valleys in his geography than I had ever come across! The other challenge is that a human being can’t hold a pose like the one I wanted, for more than 15 or 30 seconds at a time. I needed to work fast, picking one set of muscles at a time. When the model was resting, I wasn’t!  I had just enough time to pack down the clay on the armature.

I use a clay that is mixed with wax so it doesn’t dry out as fast but it must be heated to be malleable, which is what I also did when the model rested.  A good thing that a modelling session is usually no more than 3 hours. Both the model and artist are exhausted by half-time!

After two sessions with a live model, I could work on my own again, putting the finishing touches to the sculpture before getting ready for the moulding process.

Stay tuned for the next episode = moulding in rubber and plaster.