There is a moment when your work is done, the last touches have been made to the patina and you have figured out the best stand for your sculpture. That’s when even the most confident among us start to hear the voice of doubt whisper in our ear. Is the patina too dull? Is it too bright?  Will anyone like this? Will it reach the exhibition without a scratch? Will it measure up?

The last thing you want to do is to give in to doubt and start to work over what you have done and possibly ruin it. Leave it be! Take a deep breath and trust yourself and your creations in their singular beauty and all their quirks and imperfections. Cherish the adventure.

Here are some pictures of the grand adventure that was Dimensions 2016 in Canada’s National Capital. My sculpture, Icarus, was chosen as the center piece for hundreds of visitors to see first when they entered the Exhibition Hall to peruse 120 sculptures. The relief of Eve was placed against a beautiful drape on a high wall and Serenity the Monk on a pedestal in front of her. This last piece sold to a private collector. The others have received wonderful reviews and more than a few stares!  Commissions are being discussed.

Thank you to my virtual followers for your unrelenting support. It makes all the difference in the world!

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