Sculpture by Dominique Dennery entitled «Erzulie-Sirène»

Building my first giant mermaid tail was quite the adventure!  A few years ago, I completed a sculpture of the bust of the Haitian goddess Erzulie Sirène.  I was tickled pink when I sold the original Hydrostone and then a Bronze to two collectors. I thought the process complete. In early December I woke up from a dream about this mermaid and decided to start working on her tail. Seemed like a fun idea to get me back to sculpting after the Dimensions Exhibition.

Later in December, I attended a party that brought together artists and patrons.  A  man approached me and asked about my sculpting. I explained that I was working on Erzulie Sirène and started to explain who she was in our Haitian mythology. He looked at me intently and explained that he was a mystic in the Celtic spiritual tradition and had been introduced to Erzulie and the message for me was to finish the tail. I am not making this up! I had to pinch myself.

This is not the first time I have experienced magical coincidences as an Artist (see the blogs on the creation of Icarus) and then there is Medusa (but that’s for another blog). It seemed I had no choice but to continue.

I had started with the armature, and would not recommend using chicken wire again to build anything! It seemed like a great idea at the time, but the ends of my fingers were pricked so many times that I will happily go the route of Styrofoam for the next big armature! I also decided to use a clay that does not dry, since the Holidays were coming up and I would not be able to work on it for long periods. Another choice I won’t make again! I have been fighting with this gooey white substance from the start.

Enough complaining. Now it’s 90% done.

Now, on to the mould so that I can start working on a few new commissions. This was no doubt the flight of fancy I needed to help fight the winter blues!

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