I spent most of my working life in the corporate world. I have become very skilled at what I do and find great satisfaction in helping clients get results. The people I have met along the way have been wonderful and have become my professional tribe. I have such affinity with them and truly enjoy their companionship. We spend hours sharing our stories of struggle and success. We understand each other. So why a new tribe?

In the last 10 years sculpting, which initially was a hobby, has become a passion and demanding occupation. In this new world, I have been surprised to find a new tribe. These individuals couldn’t be more different than my first tribe. They are artisans handling fire, metal, water, wax and chemicals. They work with heavy machinery wearing goggles, aprons and steel-toe boots. They are dedicated to one purpose only, creating bronze sculptures dreamed up by Artists with hyperactive imaginations!

In workshops covered in plaster dust and red wax, and foundries full of strange instruments and metal scrap and rods, I have found a new tribe who are as dedicated as they are quirky, as logical as they are passionate, and as stubborn as they are creative. They are the ones who give life to my work and yet rarely do they get recognized and celebrated.  These professionals have called on their best skills to bring my sculptures to life: Freedom, Medusa, Erzulie, and now Icarus.

May this exceptionally talented tribe live long and prosper!

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