Holding A Bigger Intention

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Everything that I have been doing over these last ten days –from holding a workshop on New Beginnings with individuals stepping into their own future, to my 17th Diversity Awareness session with employees of one large organization engaged in large-scale transformation, to coaching a young man struggling with his first big job, to being present to a friend with a life threatening illness, to coaching a young woman taking steps to leave the safety of a good job to follow her dream, to engaging with many friends and clients puzzled by the reality they are creating — everything has one thread in common: the importance of holding a big space, holding a bigger intention for others, and for myself.

There were times this week where instead of helping, I felt I was in the way of others, and in my own way. I lost my sense of purpose for a day, for two. On the third day, I had a conversation with someone I have known for decades, who, given how the universal consciousness seems to work, was going through a version of what I was experiencing. In speaking with this individual I realized that I was stuck in too small a world, the world of what is and isn’t working, instead of the world of possibilities. I had forgotten my intention of shaping my life and helping others shape theirs to serve their bigger purpose.

He insisted that what he was dealing with right now was real, and having artificially positive thoughts about his future would not help at all! Of course what we create is real… for us. Of course, our thoughts can be negative and applying make-up to these is not the solution. What you think and feel should be acknowledged… and, it may be time to wonder if there isn’t a bigger conversation you need to have with yourself.

What if I framed my experiences in the bigger context of human transformation? What if, by being impatient, angry, confused and teary-eyed, I was transforming, yet again and ready to make different choices that would support the bigger purpose of facilitating human development?

So, I am holding on for dear life to my Intention. Holding on to it when alone or passionately engaged with others. I will remind others of their intention, gently, while staying present to their transformation, at their own pace, in their own time.
Life is meaningless without a purpose that is much fatter than you :-). I have mine. Do you have yours?

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