Mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre (2013-2017)

Dominique Dennery-Monument of Toussaint Louverture, 2017

Art Pubic – Ville de Montréal

Dominique Dennery – art public Montréal 

Haiti Libre, 2017

Haiti – Diaspora : Toussaint Louverture settles in Montreal

Monument of Toussaint Louverture – Montreal Park

ByBlacks, 2017

The Bronze Bust Reigniting Haitian Pride In Montreal

Frantz Liautaud, Ambassador of Haiti, Mireille Apollon, Gatineau Councillor and Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin Mayor of Gatineau, 2019

Tribute to Dessalines

TV Rogers, 8 mars 2016, Suzanne Gratton

Dominique Dennery – Dans mes souliers

Dans mes souliers



Public Art

The unveiling of Jean-Jacques Dessalines at la Maison du Citoyen (Gatineau) By Dominique Dennery November…

Dimensions 2016

The highlight of 2016 - Dimensions : The Sculpture Exhibit As 2016 comes to an…

Merci Pour Les Souvenirs

Dominique Dennery will be one of 5 local artists featured at Merci Pour Les Souvenirs:…

Figureworks 2013

This was the second year Dominique Dennery's bronze sculptures were displayed at the Figureworks annual…