The highlight of 2016 – Dimensions : The Sculpture Exhibit

As 2016 comes to an end, I wanted to capture the wonderful experience that was the highlight of my year. A group exhibit is a unique opportunity to make a splash with many talented artists, in a setting that has the ideal light and space to make all of our creations come to life. What a beautiful building with floor to ceiling  windows, a few accent antique walls and acres of gleaming floors! The opening reception was a resounding success, and every day saw visitors strolling, admiring, commenting, puzzling over modern and classical pieces alike.

Many of my friends from the National Capital region and even from Montreal and Quebec City came to extend their support. An enthusiastic and talented fan named Melissa Alexis decided to interview and record my comments about the pieces I had in the exhibit. For those of you comfortable in French, the short snippets are attached. In the new year, I will have some other clips in English focused on the new sculptures I am preparing for 2017, including a commission from a monument. Interesting where sculpture can take you! Stay tuned!



A man falling after foolishly attempting to fly ? A hero rising above his human condition?  In my imagination, I see Icarus reaching for the impossible and flying towards his destiny. An image of hope and heroism. The robe is very sensuous and feminine; a contrast to his hyper-muscular body. The masculine held up by the feminine. Yin and Yang. Many visitors stopped to stare, some admiring the balance and engineering, others captivated by the rapture of Icarus’ flight. Fellow artists were most generous in their compliments. After being alone with Icarus for the 2 years of his gestation, I was proud to release him into the world!


My interpretation of Eve may be controversial. After Medusa and Erzulie, I wanted to bring to life another image of the Divine Feminine.The Book of Genesis says she was the Mother of Humanity who conversed with the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit of knowledge leading us to be chased out of Paradise. For other religions, she is a strong mother goddess, the symbol of the Soul (Bahai) or the Source of Life (Hebrew).

I choose to represent a divine force helping us access knowledge while embodying our sensual human nature. A symbol of love, fertility, intelligence and strength. The first woman.



I didn’t realize how attached I was to this mix media sculpture until I sold it. I came in on the second day of the Exhibition to see the red dot indicating a sale. I stared in disbelief. As others came to congratulate me, I quietly mourned. The Buddhist Monk had stolen a piece of my heart! I spent two years in a country just ending a 30 year war. I was saddened by the devastation and human suffering in Sri Lanka, but also fell in love with the lush tea plantations and steep mountains, the warm sea and hilltop temples, the giant Buddhas, the complex culture. After a year of travel, meditation, yoga and writing, I spent the second and final year sculpting. This was the last piece not yet sold. May this magical sculpture bring Serenity to his new owner.

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