While the holiday season puts us in the spirit of gift giving, there is one gift that is really hard to buy for somebody else, and that gift is Art.  Purchasing Art is so personal that like clothing, it’s hard to hit the nail on the head unless you know the person extremely well and even then, it can go either way.

I find Art is best purchased as a gift to yourself. You fall in love with the painting, photograph or sculpture and it really doesn’t matter if anyone else likes it. It means something to you, evokes a strong feeling, reminds you of something, someplace, somebody. In the art world, we call it “coup de coeur”, it hits your heart and you have to purchase now!  You may later wonder why you spent the money (like when you buy a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes), but with Art, you can always console yourself with the fact that you will see it every day, and it may even appreciate in value.

So go ahead and buy a gorgeous piece of Art… for you! Your heart will thank you.

Happy Holidays!

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