My siblings all have busy professional lives in the United States. So it was a rare privilege, a few weeks ago, to have my sister Gabriella spend time with me at the studio. Ten minutes into her visit, she picked up a dremel and then a sander, to smooth the sharp fibreglass edges of the large relief. What would have taken me a few sittings to complete, took her all of 90 minutes! She reminded me that she had always followed our father around when he was fixing things around the house and was comfortable doing handywoman work!


Eve was polished to the smoothness of marble. She has since been painted gold and stippled with pigments. There are many more coats of pigment to apply to give it a deep rich hue, but that is a leisurely task in comparison.

Gabriella has promised to sand my next fibreglass series, on the condition that I treat her to my best cooking. A fair exchange don’t you think?

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