Dominique Dennery will be one of 5 local artists featured at Merci Pour Les Souvenirs: Group Art Exhibition, which will run from February 4th to March 15th, 2014.  The paintings, photographs and sculptures will address the notion of identity and memory, exploring both the individual journey as well as the collective memory we all hold. With a focus on the idea of heritage and history and the importance it plays to the fundamental understanding of the present “self”, this exhibition celebrates the month of Black History with an intriguing look into the memories, experiences and culture that shapes who we are. This exhibition challenges the artist to delve into their experiences and express the essence of memory in an exciting visual format.

The title “Merci Pour Les Souvenirs” (thank you for the memories) evokes the idea of memory while addressing the idea of contemplation, acceptance and finally gratefulness, all of which help to create a healthy sense of identity and a space of resistance. Altogether this show will be a celebration of memory, of the self, of culture and of the black women and their art.

Artists: Jane Ladan, Marjorie Lubin, Evelyn Duberry, Dominique Dennery and Prea Zwarych

Where: The Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery (second floor of GCTC) 1233 Wellington St. West (at Holland Ave.)

When:   Tuesday, February 4th to Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Highlights: The Vernissage (Opening), Thursday, February 6th at 6pm & Artist Talk, Sunday, February 9th at 4pm