Recipe for Magic

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I was speaking to my son Adrien about how I believe our thoughts create things, events, people. Seems so simple, and he has heard me say it often. This time, he asked me to repeat what I had said exactly and then record it for him. Something hit a chord. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly what I said and how I said it, but offer this anecdote instead.

I was on planes for two days in sardine class. At the onset of the second of three flights, I force myself to approach the counter. Shall I ask to be upgraded or not? This airline has done it a few times before, never when I expected it. I am so tired, my thoughts are along the lines of begging. I am not surprised to get a smug: ‘We are fully booked’.

For the next flight I don’t bother asking. I sit in the three seater row, by the window, wondering why I ever thought window seats were a good idea. Memories of getting way too friendly with the two passengers on the last 13 hour flight as I fell repeatedly on their lap to travel to and from the bathroom still make me wince. I am sure, people grow more legs under their blankets while they sleep.

I find myself wondering what Ease would look like, instead of the old Struggle. This thought I keep in mind as I let go of the outcome. The flight is full. Three passengers don’t make it. We get delayed unloading their luggage while everyone rolls their eyes, except me. Two of them were to sit next to yours truly. So, I get to sleep for 3 hours in foetal position. No bobbing head syndrome for me! When I get up to stretch, I come back to an occupied aisle seat. The large friendly woman occupying it was obviously eyeing it for a while. She speaks only Arabic, but we manage to exchange pleasantries. No, I am not Arab. Yes, I have been asked that question before. I tell her that I am Canadian. Her look tells me I would be in for a long explanation if we could understand each other’s language. She eventually goes back to her seat and I have time to write this blog with my legs stretched out. The lap of luxury…

So Adrien, here is how thought creates reality.

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