Time to Sculpt

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Medusa sculptures-charcoal-drawing


I stopped sculpting after finishing two major bronze sculptures in 2015. The first, a commission for the bronze bust of General Jean-Jacques Dessalines, founder of the Haitian Nation, now beautifully displayed at the City of Gatineau’s Maison du Citoyen. The second, called “Icarus Ascending”, is being cast and poured at a foundry in Inverness, Québec after spending the whole winter waiting patiently to be born.

For months after sculpting these big pieces, all I could do was dabble in charcoal, drawing face after face on rough draft paper, looking for guidance about my next sculpture.


medusa sculptures-paperscrolls







I would go to the studio to chat with my colleague, Rosemary and reorganize the space. It’s called procrastination!

So today, I decided to take the plunge and begin a large clay relief of Eve, you know the Eve of Adam and Eve fame.  First the drawings. Will it be just Eve, or Adam and Eve intertwined?  I decide to throw some clay on a large wooden platform I selected and covered in plastic. I want a big relief, 3 feet by 4 feet or more. But I need so much clay! The clay from months ago is too hard. I add wet cloths to soften.

To be continued next week…