Canadian Museum of Civilization, Opening of Vodou Exhibition

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Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique, Curator of the Vodou Exhibition, Canadian Museum of Civilization

Haitian Mambos at the opening of the Exhibition

The exhibition is a wonderful showcase of Haitian history, spirituality and culture. A must see. It will be there until the beginning of 2014. At the opening, many Haitians, including myself, were moved by this very public recognition of 400 years of beliefs and traditions that have played a major role in helping our people survive slavery, occupation and exploitation, with its spirit intact. I hope this exhibition signals the end of the intolerance and ridicule that have – for too long –  been attached to the word Vodou. The exhibition is a great education about sacred practices handed down by African ancestors, and very much alive today. Bravo to the curators and organizers. I will return again.