On launching this site

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Women are represented as strong and beautiful in Haitian folklore. They are the bearers of life and the bridge between the here and after. Unlike their counterparts in many European traditions, women feature prominently as priestesses and goddesses, never dominated by their male counterparts. Growing up, my Haitian mother sung beautiful voodoo folk songs about Damballa, the snake god and Erzulie, the goddess of love and war to me and my siblings. These legendary characters populated my imagination, along with what I learned in school about Greek mythology. Later in life, I became fascinated with African and Egyptian goddesses and queens and started to bring them to life in clay. Priestess (Mambo), Erzulie, Freedom, Medusa, Mami Wata and Callipygian are some of the figures I have sculpted. I intend to bring forward more of this figures, mostly in female forms, with occasional male companions or wise advisors. Watch for their release periodically on this site.