I sculpted a mask of a Buddhist Monk when I was on sabbatical in Sri Lanka, left it in the crate and forgot about it. I was looking to renew the collection of sculptures we display in our small gallery studio and thought to open the box. I was struck by the serenity of his expression, a vivid reminder of the two years spent in a country with temples at every turn. So the wise monk was propped up on his mahogany base that was displaying some interesting cracks from exposure to the cold, dry Canadian weather. One day, as Rose was walking by, she noticed something odd and stopped for a closer look. Just as she put her hand out, Serenity popped from the wooden base and fell right into her palms. Had she not caught the mask, it would have shattered on the concrete floor. Well, it became clear Serenity was destined for greater things. The mask will now be featured in our Sculptor Network’s fall exhibition…once he is touched up and reattached to a very solid base.  Magical!

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